Yemen: 1000 Dark Days of a Disgracing War



A Carnage We Can Neither Forget nor Forgive and that History will Recall with Shame


It is now more than 1000 dark days the world is witnessing with shame the horrors of one of the most inhuman, unjust, unnecessary wars in the course of modern history; an unauthorised war that in the words of the United Nations has created “the largest human crisis.”
Figures speak louder than words: the war in Yemen has left more than 10.000 killed, three million displaced, 300.000 besieged, 50.000 deaths because of famine, lack of medicine and diseases spread by war, more than a million—mostly innocent children in the tender years of their childhood—victims of cholera, diphtheria or other contaminated water diseases. Every five to ten minutes another child dies. This cruel war has forsaken more than 7,000,000 on the brink of famine … but the savage war continues to feed producers and dealers of arms of massive destruction. The ballistic missiles and ultra-sophisticated Saudi Arabia’s military aviation and warfare machinery has brought more than 4.6 billion pounds to British companies and over 115 billion dollars to their American counterparts. Yemen, the near-total devastation of the country and the torments of the guiltless people of this poorest nation of the world do not seem to trouble of the conscience of the perpetrators.
Only recently and after a long period of complicit silence, some committed figures have raised their voice against the carnage. It started with the journalists and reporters in BBC, the French media, European diplomats, Members of the House of Commons, a few American Senators and Congressmen, and above all world organisations such as Amnesty International, Human Watch and recently the UN Security Council. Their courage and conviction opened the eyes of the world and began to mobilize global opinion and humanitarian efforts.
What follows is a modest echo of these voices. I hope that you would also contribute to the collection so that a more solid document may remain for the annals of time. May this serve to shock, to wake up and to warn so that such barbarity and brutality may stop and not happen again.
Let us hope and raise our hands to pray that 2018 would be a year of return to wisdom and human responsibility.

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